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Happy New Year 2020 요기다니엘 총장 메시지



Happy New Year 2020* Principal Greeting Hello everyone Very soon we will be saying good bye to year of 2019 and welcome 2020. Like every year there will be parties, food and drinks and singing and dancing and welcome the New Year. Why not do something different this year. It had been a year of challenges from nature, national disturbances, unrest, financial problems and many more... This time why not welcome the New Year differently, all of us know the Magic of Yoga and Breathing Meditation it's a healing power. The power of Yoga and Breathing Meditation gets multiplied when done in a group. So let us welcome the New Year 2020 by performing a group Yoga and Breathing Meditation with an intention of healing and peace for all. The group Yoga and breathing meditation can be done at any place wherever you are. Let us decide 2 timings a week at the KYF Academy for the Yoga and Breathing Meditation. There is no objection on music and dance, right forms will increase our energy levels, but let us not lose our awareness by intoxicating ourselves in any way, so let's change the way we greet the New Year this year onwards and see how wonderfully it treats us. Happy New Year 2020* KYF Academy Principal Yogi Daniel Yoga Guru